Safety Tips

The HPP service includes crime prevention, monitoring, public safety, patrolling and cleansing services.

Patrol officers are on foot in the CBD area and along the Cliff Path. Vehicles patrol throughout the area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The HPP has access to a minimum of 19 monitoring CCTV cameras.

Review our safety tips for when you are at home, at work and when you are out and about.

Top tip #1:

Save emergency numbers to your cell phone.

Top tip #2:

Be alert to your surroundings.

Top Tip #3:

Always ensure your home is secured. Activate your alarm & beams.

Top tip #4:

Trust your instinct! If you don't feel safe, move away from the situation & seek help.

Safety Tips

for home, at work, in your car or when you are in public spaces


  • Risk Assessment – Identify the Threats and Risks to Your Business, Identify Vulnerable Areas, Identify Weaknesses in Your Existing Security and Safety System, Decide on Applicable Measures (We can Assist with This if Needed)
  • Staff Training/Educated Staff – Provide Security Awareness Training, Training in Emergency Procedures (E.g. Fire Drills) and How to Manage Specific Incidents
  • Secure High Value Items – Laptops, TV’s, Large Amount of Cash, and Other Electronic – Easy Sellable Items – Up to Date Insurance
  • Ample Security Lighting – Access Areas, Perimeter, Camera Areas, Till Areas, Attractive Item Areas – Motion Sensors at Night
  • Install Alarm and Ensure Response Capacity – Cover Perimeter, all Access Points, Large Windows, Store Areas – Beams and or Sensors – Loud Siren – This is Called Intruder Detection
  • Back Up of Data – Back Up all Important and Sensitive Data – Preferably Off Site
  • Strong Physical Security – Fences, Anti-Climb, Strong Doors/Gates, Security – Double Slide Locks, Door-Floor Locks, Server Room Protection, Bolt Safes to the Floor, NB Aluminium Windows Secured (We Can Assist with This)
  • Screening of Employees – Foreigners Work Permits, At Least Copies of ID and Proof of Address for Temporary Employees, Police Clearance Certificate (Every Year) and Background Check on Senior Staff
  • CCTV/ Cameras – External and Internal, Day Night Capacity, Recording and Monitoring on or Off Site, Ample Lighting for Cameras, SMD Capacity, Weather Protection. Put Signage Up that Premises are Monitorred
  • Frequent Changing of Security Controls – Pin Codes, Alarm Pass Codes, When Employees Leave the Business, Lost Keys or Alarm Remotes
  • Be Alert – Vagrants; Illegal Parking Attendance; People Loitering Close to Your Business Entrances, Car Parking Areas, Near ATM’s.
  • Limit Cash on Site – Salary Days (Those Still Paying Cash Salaries), Small Float, Drop Down Safes. Post Signage that Cash is Not Kept on Site or Safe Key is with a Security Company
  • Open & Close of Businesses- Especially Those Taking Cash with Them or Have/Leave Cash on Site – Never Close or Open Alone, Ask for Security Company Assistance (E.g. OK in Voëlklip)
  • Unannounced Security Audits – Till Balances, Petty Cash, Search Employees Bags/ Person, Stock Checks (Liquor) – Ensure You Have Search and Declaration Clause in Employment Contracts
  • Good Supervision – At All Times
  • Reward System for Employees – Motivated Staff “Minimize Theft”
  • Secure Pin Entry Procedure – No Cameras at Pin Entry Areas, Turn Away from Customer

Procedures for an Emergency / Incident

  • Break-In or Robbery: Call the SAPS and Your Security Company – Please REPORT at the Police Station – Call HPP Control Room and Ask Team to Review Camera Footage
  • Being Harassed or Intimidated by a Vagrant or Illegal Parking Attendant – Call HPP Control Room for Assistance, if a Crime – Call HPP and the SAPS
  • Suspicious Vehicle/ Involved in Crime – Call SAPS – Also Call the HPP Control Room to Look for Vehicle on the LPR System (NAVIC System)
  • Substance Abuse – Do not Allow Access to Your Business/Restaurant/Home – Call HPP for Support, If a Crime Occurs Call the SAPS
  • Injury/ Sick Customer or Employee – Call Ambulance Services


Emergency Telephone Numbers

SAPS Ops Control Room: 028 313 5300

Law Enforcement: 028 313 8000 / 028 313 8111

HPP Control Room: 087 550 5295 / 028 312 1674

Ambulance Services: 028 316 4181 / 076 585 0899 / 076 512 3467

Fire Services: 028 312 2400