Status Report - 14 October 2020

Dear HSRA Property Owner

This update serves to inform you as to what is happening in the run-up to the launch of the ‘new’ HPP on 1 November 2020.

Agreements and Appointments
Finance Agreement (FA)

The signing of the FA between HPP-NPC and the Overstrand Municipality on 30 September 2020 concluded the HSRA establishment process.

In the main, this important agreement captures the Overstrand Municipality’s oversight role and guides collaboration between the parties. In addition, it regulates the flow of money from property owners via the Municipality to the HSRA Management Company (HPP-NPC).

Control Centre Agreement

HPP has entered into a three-year lease agreement with the Overstrand Municipality for space at the premises of the Fire Brigade (Mussel Street). This is a rental-free agreement.

Appointment of Suppliers

With the finance agreement in place, HPP-NPC was able to enter into supply contracts.

Following competitive bidding processes that commenced before lockdown, HPP-NPC entered into service agreements with the following entities:

  • Fidelity ADT : Crime Prevention and Public Safety
  • Iphupha Cleaning Services : Top-Up Cleaning Services
  • Whale Coast Computers : CCTV-maintenance and IT-support

These services will commence on 1 November 2020.

Corporate Governance

The finance agreement mandates the appointment of an executive officer, who reports to the HPP-Board. This role, which is essentially an oversight role, focuses on sound corporate governance, financial management, the avoidance of corrupt practices, and reporting (to the HPP-Board, and when required, to the Overstrand Municipality’s chief financial officer).


Marcia Bown, who coordinated the establishment of the HSRA, has been appointed as executive officer on a part-time basis. Marcia is an accomplished project manager, who is skilled in monitoring and evaluation, governance, diverse stakeholder management and risk assessment.

She holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management (Unisa), and a Higher National Certificate in Business and Finance (from Kingston University in the UK). She will be working closely with Hermanus Accounting, which has been providing audit services to HPP for several years.

Hennie Niemand, who built his career in local government (including the Overstrand Municipality), shall continue in his role as HPP-manager, a role he has held since 2011. This is also a part-time role.

Restructuring of the HPP-Board

Going forward, the HPP-Board will have seven portfolios:

  • Chairperson (current Errol van Staden)
  • Director Finance and Strategy (current Tobie Louw)
  • Director Operations (current Barry van Vuren)
  • Director External Relations and Operations Support (Anton Hartman, recently co-opted)
  • Director Urban Management (Brigitte Sabbe, recently co-opted)
  • Director Cleansing (to be confirmed)
  • Director Communications (current Clinton Lerm).

The current Board holds the view that there is a need for continuity (from the old dispensation to the new dispensation) and diversity (gender | thinking | expertise | age) to manage the transition and to implement the business plan.

In the context of succession planning, there is a need to encourage the younger generation to become involved in the affairs and functioning of HPP.

WhatsApp Messaging Service

WhatsApp Messaging provides a platform for quick communication. We are acutely aware of the fact that some of you are currently receiving the same message (e.g. daily reports) from different sources. This is frustrating to say the least. And then there are many property owners who are not receiving any communication via WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp-platform is to be used for brief daily or weekly reports, crime alerts and the quick dissemination of important information (e.g. road closures as a result of protest action, rioting, extreme weather conditions , crime-related statistics or trends).

Going forward, we want to streamline communication. If you are currently NOT receiving any WhatsApp-messages from HPP, but are keen to receive them, you must opt into this service.


You can do this by doing one of the following:

  • Send a WhatsApp-message to the following number: 076 759 8664
  • Send an e-mail to


  • Your message must contain the following information:
  • Your name and surname
  • ERF-number
  • Mobile number.

You may register more than one number per ERF and opt out at any stage. You also have the choice of muting messages if you do not wish to be disturbed. However, if you want to be informed of what is happening within the HSRA and with HPP, it might be wise to subscribe to this messaging service.

As stated before, we shall not disclose your details to a third party other than the Overstrand Municipality.


Please be advised that our website has migrated from to This change has come about because of the new way in which we interpret the role and business of HPP, which is a community-driven initiative.  It is more than just security.

Virtual Switch Board | New Emergency Number

HPP will soon be migrating from a landline to a virtual switch board. The new emergency number is 087 550 5295. Please record this number on your mobile phone.

Patrols (provided by FADT as from 1 November 2020)
  • Foot Patrols

Foot patrols along the entire cliff path, the CBD, and Hoys Koppie will resume. Patrollers will be wearing fawn | khaki uniforms with red bibs and peaks. The new HPP-logo will feature prominently on all attire. Patrollers will receive training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to also act as ‘tourism ambassadors’.

  • Vehicle Patrols

Three HPP-branded armed response vehicles (ARVs) will patrol the HSRA, which for patrol-purposes, will be split into three zones. These vehicles, each dedicated to a zone, will patrol on a 24 | 7 basis, and be radio-linked to the control centre, neighbourhood watch groups, and law enforcement agencies.

  • There will be no bicycle patrols.
Top-Up Cleaning Services

Iphupha Clearing and Cleaning Services, which is 100% Black-owned, shall with effect 1 November provide litter-collection and removal services along the entire cliff path, adjacent parking areas (not serviced by the Municipality) and Hoys Koppie.


Going forward, HPP will have a strong focus on technology. Our current CCTV-network will be expanded to provide better coverage of the special rating area.

We are already busy with the installation of advanced software that has artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This will improve our control centre’s effectiveness and allow for the early detection of possible criminal events, and the tracking of suspicious-looking vehicles and people. In addition, we shall have access to valuable reports and statistics that will help us to manage crime more effectively.

A full-time technology specialist shall support control centre operations.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will be held at 18h00 on Thursday, 5 November 2020 at the Municipal Auditorium, Civic Centre, Overstrand Municipality.

As COVID-19 regulations may still be in place, the number of attendees will be restricted. Property owners within the HSRA who wish to attend, must register via email: Please provide your full name, ERF-number and mobile number. Attendees will be selected on a first-come-first-served basis, with only one attendee permitted per property.

Registration to attend will commence on 23 October 2020. Only property owners who have registered to attend, will be allowed in. Owners will receive confirmation notifications via e-mail by 2 November 2020.

The meeting will commence at 18h00 sharp, however, attendees must be at the venue by 17h00 to allow time for the compulsory health screening. Masks must be worn. Further communication will follow via e-mail and the HPP-website.

The agenda, chairperson’s report and HPP’s financial statements (AFS) will be available on the HPP website ahead of the meeting. Please visit

Your attention is drawn to the fact that only registered members of HPP-NPC may vote at AGMs.

Kindly direct enquiries regarding the AGM via e-mail to Hennie Niemand at

Your Contribution: HSRA-Rate

This rate appears on your municipal account directly beneath the line item that reads Rates Monthly. Please visit the HPP-website (Frequently Asked Questions, pages 5 and 6) if you want to know how this rate was calculated.

HPP-NPC Membership

Property owners within the HSRA are encouraged to register as members of HPP-NPC, as only members can vote on resolutions and matters pertaining to HPP-NPC. To become a member, please visit the HPP-website.

HSRA-Steering Committee

This committee, which successfully facilitated the HSRA-establishment process and functioned under the leadership of Michael Farr, has been dissolved. On behalf of all property owners within the HSRA, the HPP-Board would like to thank this team for all their effort.

Previous Updates

If you are new to Hermanus, or should you have missed out on earlier updates, please visit the HPP-website (

Friendly Reminder

Please remember to notify HPP when:

  • Your e-mail address changes
  • Your mobile number changes
  • You sell your property
  • You buy another property within the boundaries of the HSRA.

You can do the above by sending an e-mail to

Until next time, kind regards.

Errol van Staden


Emergency Numbers

HPP Hotline

087 550 5295

Hermanus Police

028 313 5300

Fire Department

028 312 2400

Overstrand Municipality Emergency Control Room

028 312 2400

Overstrand Law Enforcement  – Security and Safety Issues

028 313 8980

Traffic Department

028 313 8111



NSRI (Sea Rescue)

112 OR 082 990 5967

Marine & Coastal Management

028 313 2703

Hermanus Provincial Hospital

028 312 1166

Hermanus Private Hospital

028 313 0168

Hermanus Child & Family Services

028 313 0831

Hermanus Animal Welfare

028 312 1281

Hermanus Baboon Management

072 028 0008